Entry #16

Resident Evil Ebola on the horizon..

2016-06-29 00:13:22 by MetaMike

RE Ebola was a game I was hoping to release alongside the RE zero re release. however with the announcement of Resident Evil 7, my interest of releasing the game has definitely been re ignited. Hopefully I can wrap it up before August, I owe it to the voice actors and beta testers to finish this and give it a proper release. I'm currently working on adding real resident evil mechanics like limited ammo and puzzle solving, Hope you guys like it when it drops.


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2016-06-29 13:40:39

Would love to see it, looking forward to it!

MetaMike responds:

Thanks, looking forward to your review of it !


2016-06-30 01:39:05

Glad your back and sorry for the inactivity.


2016-06-30 21:19:32

Screw Re, everyone knows that Overwatch is awesome!

MetaMike responds:

Lol heard a lot of positive things about that game..


2016-08-01 02:36:41

AWESOME! but what about that sonic x street fighter game or something? is it out already?

MetaMike responds:

No unfortunately not ): Ep.3 requires a lot of time and attention still and since I barely finished Mario's final rpg ep.2 I wanted to finish up this resident evil game but once this is done I'm gonna finish up Sonic Adventure X Ep.3 for sure.


2016-08-01 02:39:56

i just checked it and i meant sonic adventure x lol. also i`m a lil late but can i be a beta tester?

MetaMike responds:

And beta tester for which game ??


2016-08-01 04:54:59

idk u made a post about it and anyone who would like to be a beta tester should pm u.