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MetaMike's News

Posted by MetaMike - October 26th, 2021

I had a lot of fun working on Resident Evil Ebola 4, I'm on a hot streak with that series but I think if I have enough free time eventually I'll want to finish Episode 3 of my Mario series. I already worked on a good amount of it after I did episode 2..It's crazy to think I released Ep.2 of the series 5 years ago.. I really dropped the ball for several years.. Anyways I'm not sure if NG even allows copyrighted Mario content anymore.. I really hope they do cause I have big plans for Episode 3 !

ALSO I added an extra boss battle and medal to Mario's Final RPG Ep.1 :) I always felt that game lacked gameplay.



Posted by MetaMike - October 3rd, 2021

Okay so yeah.. again for “those who care”, RE Ebola 4 is pretty much done, I just need to decide when to release it, can’t wait for people to play this one! Might be the last entry in this series as well as my last NG project. Also may need a beta tester or two!



Posted by MetaMike - August 26th, 2021

I always thought to myself I wish I had started making these flash games like a decade earlier, I might've been too young to even operate a creative software, let alone make anything. But 10-15 years ago Newgrounds was poppin! Like the Super Mario Bros Z era..Even in 2013 my crappy games averaged 40k views which would be an absolute miracle now..I think all the NG users have grown up and moved on. And it sucks cause all I wanted was to tell my stories, for Sonic Adventure X, Mario's Final RPG and Resident Evil Ebola. I know EXACTLY how many episodes and how each of these series' would've ended. I was so friggin' excited to finish them all one day, but NG lost popularity and it just wouldn't be worth the trouble for the amount of people that would actually play the games at this rate. The future Sonic Adventure X episodes were going to be insane! I had so many great ideas and knew exactly where the story would go, our heroes were going to completely lose at one point, I swear Avengers Infinity War stole my idea lol.. cause in my series they were going to lose lose in that fashion..But anyways flash is outdated now so if I wanted to tell these stories at some point in the future I would need to find another medium to do so cause Flash was pretty much all I had in mind..

P.S Resident Evil Ebola Part 3 was almost finished for years now, I had worked on that part for the longest..If anything I might release that and that'll be one of the last things I release on here..Who knows.



Posted by MetaMike - April 27th, 2020

To whom it may concern..

I know Newgrounds isn't the powerhouse it once was but I hope people play my game RE Ebola 2 game when I release it, I've slept on the project for some time but this corona virus nonsense has left me with a lot of free time, I would like nothing more than to finish this game as quickly as possible and get it out to people. Hopefully it could garner up half the attention the first one did :) so keep an eye out for it folks and stay safe all !


Posted by MetaMike - May 20th, 2019

Need beta testers for my sonic adventure x ep.3 game which is a fighter, please mag me if interested


Posted by MetaMike - March 15th, 2019

It's been several years since my friend Teejay-number13 and I collaborated to make Sonic Adventure X Ep.2.. It was a great turnout and even before than I had been working on Ep.3..However after the gameplay he provided I changed a lot of things up to match the material he brought to the table, but unfortunately life got in the way and finishing it proved nearly impossible. I haven't worked on anything game related for 2 years and suddenly I got the spark with what little free time I have to finish what I started almost 5 years ago, hopefully within the month or early next I can release part 3. Not sure how many people still use NG these days but this is a big one, and a good one (: hope you guys check it out when it drops.



Posted by MetaMike - March 23rd, 2018

So for any fans of mine who may have been wondering, I have been working on each of my 3 main series' that are copyrighted of course, they include Sonic Adventure X.. Mario's Final RPG.. And Resident Evil Ebola ! I am highly interested in finishing all 3 of these sagas of mine and I ultimately know how they are all going to end and roughly how many episodes they shall have.. I'm just unsure which to work on first, each are incredibly time consuming to make and I seem to jump back and forth from the 3.. any suggestions people ? Would love some weigh ins.


Posted by MetaMike - June 29th, 2016

RE Ebola was a game I was hoping to release alongside the RE zero re release. however with the announcement of Resident Evil 7, my interest of releasing the game has definitely been re ignited. Hopefully I can wrap it up before August, I owe it to the voice actors and beta testers to finish this and give it a proper release. I'm currently working on adding real resident evil mechanics like limited ammo and puzzle solving, Hope you guys like it when it drops.

Posted by MetaMike - April 15th, 2016

So before I get into this picture I HAVE to acknowledge what an absolute mess Iv'e been in being consistent with finishing my projects. I started back in late 2015 with Resident Evil Ebola and made a tremendous amount of progress, I then began to lose interest and shifted the knowledge I gained from that game into Sonic Adventure X Ep.3 which I also made a considerable amount of progress with. I then began playing Mario games again lol and once again shifted my attention due to my re evoking interest in the Mario-verse to finishing Episode 2 of my series. The only positive throughout all of this is that I have gained much MUCH new knowledge that has been fruitful in helping me advance completion with each different game. Since these Mario games generally don't take much time to finish and turned based being easier then an all out brawler title or shooter making it much less stressful to finish, it also doesn't help that fans have been EXTREMELY vocal in how much they liked the first episode XD so with all of this combined I have very high motivation to finish Episode 2 hopefully within this month or the next, I have applied soo much of your feedback into Ep.2 so please stay tuned folks and thanks a bunch for the support !



Posted by MetaMike - February 6th, 2016

Ok so I've been working on my latest game Resident Evil spin off title that'll pay respects to the earlier games of the series, and my god this is by far the biggest/longest game I've worked on in my own collection. It's funny, when you imagine how long a game is going to be based on a vision, it usually doesn't seem like it'll actually be or take that long to make, well for me at least. Taking into account I began work on this game December of 2014 and lost interest in about a month. Then picked it up again about November of this year and have been working on it since then. You'd imagine I'd be done by now, but it is a grueling process that really really takes patience. This game of mine is probably going to run out to about an hour of gameplay and I don't mean anything repetitive (rounds, stages, etc) It's a straight forward diverse campaign like any original RE game. If you're not familiar with game making you're probably asking how it could take so long to make something so straight forward especially when it's 2D. Trust me I thought the exact same before I worked on any game, but when you get down to the nitty gritty details and mechanics behind it holy shit does it take long. Not to mention it's like an engine, if one piece is wrong or doesn't fit with the rest everything. will. break down, Leaving you to weave through the entire game trying to figure out what went wrong, assuming it doesn't involve actionscript in which you'll just get notified in the output panel anyways. So yeah I'm starting to think March may be the appropriate release date given that I probably just passed the halfway point of completion on this game...