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RE Ebola was a game I was hoping to release alongside the RE zero re release. however with the announcement of Resident Evil 7, my interest of releasing the game has definitely been re ignited. Hopefully I can wrap it up before August, I owe it to the voice actors and beta testers to finish this and give it a proper release. I'm currently working on adding real resident evil mechanics like limited ammo and puzzle solving, Hope you guys like it when it drops.

Mario's Final RPG Ep.2

2016-04-15 18:15:03 by MetaMike

So before I get into this picture I HAVE to acknowledge what an absolute mess Iv'e been in being consistent with finishing my projects. I started back in late 2015 with Resident Evil Ebola and made a tremendous amount of progress, I then began to lose interest and shifted the knowledge I gained from that game into Sonic Adventure X Ep.3 which I also made a considerable amount of progress with. I then began playing Mario games again lol and once again shifted my attention due to my re evoking interest in the Mario-verse to finishing Episode 2 of my series. The only positive throughout all of this is that I have gained much MUCH new knowledge that has been fruitful in helping me advance completion with each different game. Since these Mario games generally don't take much time to finish and turned based being easier then an all out brawler title or shooter making it much less stressful to finish, it also doesn't help that fans have been EXTREMELY vocal in how much they liked the first episode XD so with all of this combined I have very high motivation to finish Episode 2 hopefully within this month or the next, I have applied soo much of your feedback into Ep.2 so please stay tuned folks and thanks a bunch for the support !



Ok so I've been working on my latest game Resident Evil spin off title that'll pay respects to the earlier games of the series, and my god this is by far the biggest/longest game I've worked on in my own collection. It's funny, when you imagine how long a game is going to be based on a vision, it usually doesn't seem like it'll actually be or take that long to make, well for me at least. Taking into account I began work on this game December of 2014 and lost interest in about a month. Then picked it up again about November of this year and have been working on it since then. You'd imagine I'd be done by now, but it is a grueling process that really really takes patience. This game of mine is probably going to run out to about an hour of gameplay and I don't mean anything repetitive (rounds, stages, etc) It's a straight forward diverse campaign like any original RE game. If you're not familiar with game making you're probably asking how it could take so long to make something so straight forward especially when it's 2D. Trust me I thought the exact same before I worked on any game, but when you get down to the nitty gritty details and mechanics behind it holy shit does it take long. Not to mention it's like an engine, if one piece is wrong or doesn't fit with the rest everything. will. break down, Leaving you to weave through the entire game trying to figure out what went wrong, assuming it doesn't involve actionscript in which you'll just get notified in the output panel anyways. So yeah I'm starting to think March may be the appropriate release date given that I probably just passed the halfway point of completion on this game...



PM to help test out my latest creation :D


Resident Evil Ebola Progresses

2015-02-20 03:10:43 by MetaMike

Just for fans who have been wondering, Yes I am still in fact working on RE Ebola. It's not in any way to offend or satircalize the patients of or the disease itself. Resident Evil Ebola is the modern retelling of the Resident Evil games in general. Primarily Resident Evil 1 - Code Veronica. I think fans of the RE series in general will enjoy this game. And for all voice actors still awaiting. More lines will be distributed eventually. Also still need voice actors for S.T.A.R.S team members. Pilot for Echo team and 2 men, 1 woman, and a pilot for Delta team. Follow my page to keep up ! Thanks for being patient also !


Just upgraded from Flash 8 to Flash CC ! This was a much needed upgraded as with Flash 8 I really did have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to come up with my games and extend their capacity. The downside is with Flash CC the transition from Actionscript 2.0 to 3.0 means all existing coding I made for Sonic Adventure X Ep.3 and Resident Evil Ebola is rendered useless. Meaning i'll have to rebuild the game from the ground up. A lot of lost work but oh well better games are in the works !

Just a little something to kill time before Episode 3 and Resident Evil Ebola is released ! I always felt the secret campaign for episode 1 fell a bit short in terms of content, iv'e added some new goodies to that campaign in particular, also some little modifications technical wise, nevertheless I think everyone should give it a look for some awesome new gameplay and Medals, oh yes, moaaarr medals ! 

After taking a short break from Episode 2, I have begun production on my two latest entries to Newgrounds.Sonic Adventure X Ep.3 and Resident Evil Ebola which honestly has the better of my attention but at the same time the idea of Ep.3 is fighting for my attention mentally because it marks the end of Act l and phew, its a big one indeed, one i'm extremely excited to put to to use, many story elements are going into that one that I believe you all are going to enjoy. But on the note of Resident Evil Ebola. Yes Ebola refering to the deadly disease, is going to play a major role in the game. I hope using this topic isn't being to insensitive but come on you know it sounds interesting. The game is going to be the first of mine to feature voice acting so that should be fun, Expect the release of these two titles around November and December, their both going to be great ! As well as featuring medals of course. Episode 3 will involve 3 campaigns mainly about Sonic, Shadow, and Marco. Resident Evil Ebola will play out as a role playing puzzle survival horror 2d game ( wow thats a mouth-erm type full ) So yeah, I'm excited and you should be too ! To keep up with further news on the release of these titles follow me by hitting the heart button on my page, Thanks and have a nice day !!!

Resident Evil Ebola Opening Scene Screenshot 



2014-07-20 03:18:41 by MetaMike

Hey everyone ! Just a post to re-assure doubting and hope losing fans that I'm still in fact working on Episode 2 of Sonic Adventure X ! I'm working as hard and fast as I can to deliver it to you guys. Honestly working on it so far the game is freakin amazing ! I have a LOOTTT in store for fans and newcomers in this next installment, I feel the utmost confident about this release that you guys will love it ! With less dialogue and MUCH more action, This is gonna be a great one, So sit back and please be patient. Because when it comes. it'll be Spectacular !! For now here's a somewhat spoiling picture of both campaigns from my phone ( please excuse the quality :) Thank you all and have an awesome day !!!! 2872375_140584084891_635414111958680067.jpg